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Painted Skin 2 (2012)
"Painted Skin 2" Sets Seven New Records for Chinese Films
The movie had generated 300 million yuan (US$47.1 million) after four days of screening.
"Painted Skin 2" Grosses 6 Million at First Round of Screening
"Painted Skin: The Resurrection" had grossed 6 million yuan after its first round of screening。
Painted Skin II Opens Shanghai International Film Festvial
The Shanghai International Film Festival  opened  with the world premiere of Painted Skin: The Resurrection.

Painted Skin: The Resurrection, also known as Painted Skin (Part 2) and Painted Skin 2, is an upcoming Chinese supernatural fantasy film and a sequel to Painted Skin (2008). The film was directed by Wu'ershan and starred Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Fei Xiang and Chen Tingjia in the lead roles. Produced at a budget of 1.5 million yuan, Painted Skin: The Resurrection is scheduled to be released in mainland China on 28 June 2012.
Liao Zhai Zhi Yi

Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio or Liaozhai Zhiyi is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales written by Pu Songling in Classical Chinese during the early Qing Dynasty.

Pu borrows from a folk tradition of oral storytelling to put to paper a series of captivating, colorful stories, where the boundary between reality and the odd or fantastic is blurred. The cast of characters include magical foxes, ghosts, scholars, court officials, Taoist exorcists and beasts.

It has inspired many Chinese film adaptations, including those by King Hu (Painted Skin), Gordon Chan (Painted Skin), Ching Siu-tung (A Chinese Ghost Story series) and the Taiwanese director Li Han-Hsiang.


Latest Photos Featuring Vicky Zhao in "Painted Skin 2"

Underwater Scenes of Girls in "Painted Skin 2"

Fabulous Original Drawings of the Fantastic "Painted Skin 2"

Love Game in "Painted Skin 2"

Final Poster Released for "Painted Skin 2"

Vicky Zhao, Zhou Xun, Intimate Girls in "Painted Skin 2"

Vicky Zhao, the Vulnerable Princess Gets Naked in "Painted Skin 2"

How Vick Zhao and Zhou Xun Change Their Skins in "Painted Skin 2"

"Painted Skin 2" to Hit Taiwan Cinemas

Creepy Evil Look of Zhou Xun in "Painted Skin 2"
Painted Skin (2008)


Directors: Gordon Chan/Andy Chin
Starring: Chen Kun, Vicky Zhao, Zhou Xun, Donnie Yen
Synopsis: The film is based loosely on one of Pu Songling's classic short story in Strange Stories from a CHinese Studio. It is set sometime in between the late Qin Dyansty and early Han Hynasty. Xiao Wei(Zhou Xun) is a fox spirit who feasts on human hearts in order to maintain her lovely, youthful appearance. When General Wang Sheng(Chen Kun) rescues her from a band of Xiongnu and brings her home, trouble brews as the demon falls in love with the general, who is married to Peirong(Vicky Zhao).

A Chinese Fairy Tale
Director: Wilson Yip
Starring: Louis Koo, Liu Yifei, Kara Hui
Synopsis: It is regarded as a remake of the 1987 film of the same title directed by Ching Siu-tung. Many years ago, Yan Chixia aspired to become an excellent demon hunter, so he chose Black Hill as his place of training and fulfilling his dream. At that time, Yan was still young, and in the old Black Hill lived several demons and spirits who have existed even longer than the hill itself. Although these creatures lead a simple and primitive lifestyle, they are enshrouded in a strong aura of death and killing.
Mural (2011)
Director: Gordon Chan
Starring: Deng Chao, Sun Li, Yan Ni, Liu Yan
Synopsis: It is directed by the same director who directed Painted Skin (2008). Both stories are drawn from Pu Songling's (1640–1715) collection of supernatural tales Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.Mural tells the story of Zhu Xiaolian, a poor scholar who travels to the capital to take an examination. During this trip, Zhu becomes distracted by a mural and enters into the fantasy land depicted therein. There he meets the fairies who inhabit this fantasy land and encounters love and hate.

Official Trailer of "Painted Skin 2" Unveiled

Final Trailer Released for "The Mural"
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